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Facts about Zen-Promotion
  1. 85 000 000 000
    Actions accounts did since the service was launched
  2. 40 000
    Clients are with us
  3. 99%
    Users pay back the investment in the service for the first 3 days of its use

To whom does the service suit?

It fits me
  • SMM
  • Marketing
  • For every business
  • For bloggers and
  • E-Commerce
  • Narrow specialists
  • Trafic arbitrators
  • For startups!

How it works?

  • Choose your targeted audience by hashtags, locations, competitors and additional criteria
  • Choose a way to interact with the audience and launch projects
  • Get results and statistics in real time, as well as additional repports by email

The only service in which you can choose the version that suits you.

Free trial

Get free access to all feautures of Zen-promotion for 7 days! Use your free trial to test all 3 funtictions:

  • Insta-followers (likes, follows, unfollows etc.)
  • Insta-spy (Find new trends, spy on your business opponents)
  • Insta analytics (Analyse activity in your profile. Increase the promotion effectiveness on Instagram)
30 days of promotion

Get real followers in your account. Increase brand popularity online. Master a new sales pipeline, gain your fans in one place with help of Zen-promotion.

Try advanced settings: connect your own proxy, choose the gender for followings, send a welcome message in direct, attract only real accounts - without ghosts and commercial accounts.

1 year of promotion

Get 365 days of promotion of your instagram account and save 60%

Reviews of our clients

  • Sophia Moody
    Sophia Moody

    Hand-made store «Oh, my baby»

    My life has changed when my baby-girl was born. I was completely carried away by home coziness and childcare. ....

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  • Darleen Henderson
    Darleen Henderson


    For me Instagram account is the portfolio of my work. It’s really easy just to give your link to your potential employers....

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  • Marianna Sorries
    Marianna Sorries

    PR specialist

    Like a professional PR specialist I’m aware about how important it is to have followers involvement for every post of my clients...

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  • Steven Andrews
    Steven Andrews


    At first Instagram was just a modern service for me to use and mostly for private needs....

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  • Clare Daniel
    Clare Daniel

    Cake-shop «Amélie»

    When I made a decision to convert my cake bakery hobby to be a business I realised that I couldn’t work it out without Instagram promotion....

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